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Sand Paintings

I haven’t written for quite some time. However, over the past few weeks, I began to feel the blog post ideas percolating again, and I knew it was time to start writing once more. It was this post, however, that stopped me. The “why I haven’t been writing” explanation. I thought about taking the easy […]

Autumn Poetry

William Stafford is one of my favorite poets.  Like other writers I love, he infuses the ordinary with a sense of the eternal. Both of the following poems by William Stafford can be found online at the William Stafford Archives.  This website is a wonderful resource – you can find electronic copies of the Stafford’s […]

“You think your pain…”

I’ve been trying to think of a way to explain my absence from the blog for the past month, without going into specifics that I’m not comfortable sharing. This morning, while reading a book on reading instruction (Nancy Atwell’s The Reading Zone), I came across a quote that I wanted to share to get myself […]


I have been having a tough month.  Not tough in the way some other months have been – there hasn’t been a majorly upsetting life event, or a lot of physical troubles, or anything like that.  It’s been more of a slog than anything else.  February can often be that way, I think. Earlier this […]

The post not titled “Pain is like compost”

I had another flare up over the weekend.  A “flare up” is what people say (at least, on internet chat boards) when their ankylosing spondylitis starts hurting again.  Ankylosing spondylitis is basically like rheumatoid arthritis, except for it’s all in your spine (this scientific information is based on five minute conversations with doctors and again, […]

Grow. Cook. Write.

Grow. Almost two years ago, my husband and I bought our first house.  After six years of living in an apartment with a cat who will eat anything green (seriously – basil in the windowsill, daisies in a vase, none of them stand a chance), we were ready to start gardening. The first thing that […]

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