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There are dogs everywhere in Portland. Trotting down trails, running alongside bikes, fetching their ball in parks, and lounging in the sun as their owners drink local craft beers. When my husband and I bought a house, we spent six months admiring these canine good citizens before adopting our own dog, Rosie. I found Rosie […]


The other day, I was wishing that life was like a fairy tale where there was constant magic. All the while my cat Grimus, who always knows when I’m sad, was sitting on my lap. And I almost missed it. *** The other day, I went outside, and found this radish had sprouted in the […]

Sand Paintings

I haven’t written for quite some time. However, over the past few weeks, I began to feel the blog post ideas percolating again, and I knew it was time to start writing once more. It was this post, however, that stopped me. The “why I haven’t been writing” explanation. I thought about taking the easy […]


Home grown tomatoes are one of my favorite things in the world. It’s their smell that I like the best. They smell like the earth and the sunshine at the same time. I remember picking tomatoes from my backyard one summer when I was very young – maybe six years old. Then, like now, I […]

A Truly Satisfying Thanksgiving

Let’s be honest for a moment here.  Your Thanksgiving might not look like a greeting card or a commercial.  Someone might get pneumonia.  The upstairs bathroom may leak water as you’re eating pumpkin pie.  If you’re flying or driving, you might get stuck with some shitty delays or traffic.  You might burn some of the […]

Rosie’s Walks

My dog Rosie took a training class this spring, and it was recommended that we take her on “smell walks.”  Alexandra Horowitz makes the same recommendation in her book Inside a Dog.  The idea is that dogs understand their world through their nose, and really want to take their time smelling it – just like […]

Allowing Summer

I think of summer as a mythical state of slowness, that I haven’t actually achieved since I was in elementary school.  As I wrote that sentence, I had the lyrics “summertime and the living is easy” running through my head, along with images from Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine. Instead of sinking into this kind of […]

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